Sandringham to Seaford

Ride on 6th September 2019


We had 7 riders today (AKA: The Magnificent 7 / The 7 Samurai / 7 Deadly Sins / The 7 wonders of The Cycling World...). Special commemorative badges are being considered for those risked it all and went 'over the top' today.

The extreme measures taken late Thursday and very early today to propitiate the weather deities proved to be successful. We rode in glorious calm and sunny early spring weather and with a bit of a tailwind for the whole ride. It was not until after we boarded the train back to the city did it rain, and then only a sprinkle here and there.

After alighting at Sandringham we enjoyed the tootle down the bay to Mordy where we stopped at the Tour De Cafe for coffee & c., sitting outside in the sunshine with ne'er a care.

We were soon joined at our table by George Clooney, Charlize Theron, Stephen Fry and Portia De Rossi who were also out on a group ride.
Imagine our surprise and delight! After lots of conversazione followed by the exchange of numbers and the making of firm promises to catch up again soon, we bid them a reluctant farewell.

We headed off towards Seaford along the delightful trails bordering parks and wetlands. In the vicinity of the currently non-existent Carrum station we intended to take the train back from Carrum and then ended up at Seaford station anyway and trained it back.

An enjoyable outing.