Barwon River

South Geelong Circuit, Distance: 16km
Region: Regional Victoria
Written up by: U3A Yarra City OYB
Last ridden: 14 December 2015

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View across the river to Kardinia Park.

View across the river to Kardinia Park.


This lovely ride explores the upper reaches of the Barwon River. It is a circuit from South Geelong Station.

The ride heads upstream passing parklands and wetlands. In particular, you may like to check out Baliang Sanctuary. After Queens Park Road the parklands broaden out and the houses recede into the distance. The trail finishes at Deviation Road and Hamilton Highway.

Look up the hill to see the historic cement works. Next to the Hamilton Highway to the left is a historic bridge. As you ride from Deviation Road into Fyansford Commons, look for the old paper mill on the banks of the river to your right.  See Variations for a side trip to see Buckley Falls.

You now enter a rather lovely wetland area before heading back through Queens Park on the other side of the Barwon River. This last part of the ride takes you through still more great scenery before crossing high over the river on a pedestrian bridge. Here there are great views of the Barwon River and surrounds, including the home of Geelong footy - Kardinia Park.

For more information about the Barwon River see Geelong/Parks/.

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Cafes and Toilets

There are cafes near the start of the ride. There is a café near the confluence of the Barwon and Moorabool Rivers. Most of these cafes are not open on Sunday.

There are toilets along the beach and along the Barwon River.


The terrain is fairly flat with a just a few undulations.

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Getting There and Back

You can take your bike on the train to South Geelong station from Melbourne and other stations between and return the same way. This is best done when it is not peak hour. Most Geelong trains take either up to 6 or 12 bikes per train. So if a lot of riders choose to travel by train, some will have to go early and hang around in a café.

You can also can drive to South Geelong  and park near the start of the ride.

Ride Details

South Geelong Station to Moorabool River (7.6km)

  1. Start at South Geelong Station.
  2. Head right out of the car park and turn left in Yarra Street
  3. Follow Yarra Street down to the Barwon River. The trail is between the rowing sheds and the river.
  4. Turn right onto the trail and follow it along the river until it finishes at Deviation Road, soon after the confluence of the Barwon and Moorabool Rivers. You now have the Moorabool River on your left.
  5. The trail turns left off Deviation Road and heads into a car park road. Use this road to make your way into Fyansford Commons to a turning loop at the end of the road. 

    Moorabool River to South Geelong Station (8.0km)
  6. At the end of this loop turn take the path next to the Moorabool River. Keep the river on your left.
  7. Turn left to cross the Moorabool River and then immediately turn left again.
  8. Ride through the wetlands, cross the Barwon River and turn left.
  9. Follow the Barwon River going under two major roads until you reach a high footbridge.
  10. Cross Barrabool Road and use Riverview Terrace to get onto the bridge. Near the top in Seaview Park there are excellent views.
  11. Cross the river and turn right.
  12. Follow the river back to the rowing sheds and go up Yarra Street to find South Geelong Station.


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There is a side trip at 8. Turn right here and follow the river upstream to the picnic area. Go left uphill to Buckley Falls Road. Take the next driveway to your right to find the falls. You may find it easier to leave your bike in the first picnic ground and walk.


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