Setting up a cycling group

If you'd like to start up a bike group for seniors in your area then this page is a great starting point.

The attached guide, Setting Up a Seniors Bicycling Group, provides lots of good, practical and realistic advice, ideas and suggestions based on our experiences in the "On yer bike!" Group.

Areas covered include:

  • What sort of bike group do you want to set up?  
  • Recruiting members for a seniors bike riding group 
  • Working with seniors who have have reservations and concerns about getting
  • '"On yer bike!" 
  • Planning, conducting and leading successful rides   
  • Safety  
  • 1st Aid 
  • Bikes, helmets and clothing 
  • Equipment
  • Planning a ride  
  • Communicating  
  • Repairs and breakdowns   
  • What is the best way to run a seniors bike group?