Braeside Park 

Mordialloc circuit, Distance: 22km
Region: Southern Melbourne
Written up by: U3A Yarra City OYB
Last ridden: 1 September 2017

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This enjoyable ride provides you with a glimpse into the wetlands south of Melbourne. It is a circuit from Mordialloc Station. Mordialloc is a rather lovely seaside town enhanced by the tidal Mordialloc Creek with many classic wooden boats moored on its banks.

This ride starts by briefly following Mordialloc Creek before turning off into Yammerbrook Reserve to follow Secondary Drain. The grasslands then open up into Seaford-Edithvale Wetlands environmental area – a haven for waterbirds in the south of Melbourne.

At Edithvale Road you will find a small public bird hide. During weekend afternoons, and on Wednesdays at dusk during summer, a larger bird hide next to the small bird hide is open to the public. Just 200m down Edithvale Rd is The Discovery Centre which is open on Sunday afternoons from 1 to 4 pm. This has a much larger bird hide where staff will provide you with binoculars and lots of information on the birds of the area.



Braeside Park.

Braeside Park.

A mixture of bike paths and quiet streets takes you to Waterways, a very scenic housing estate, and then to Braeside Park.  The 5km circuit of picturesque Braeside Park is through grasslands and past wetlands. There are a lot of rabbits! With its wide vistas and native plantings there is a country Victoria feel to this park. The Bunurrong people lived in the park for thousands of years and there are scar trees in the park. Look out for the old racetrack where the mighty Phar Lap ran in the 1930s. Watch wildlife from the bird hide and observation decks. Maybe you will see one of the elusive echidnas. You will pass two mural art walls that depict the cultural heritage of Braeside Park and see chainsaw art depicting native animals. If you have time bring a snack or lunch to enjoy at the many picnic areas around the park. 

Returning to Waterways, it is time to circumnavigate the serene Waterways Lake to reach Mordialloc Creek. You then follow this creek back to Mordialloc. The creek is surrounded by native vegetation and is a haven for birds, animals and reptiles.

Alternative shorter routes can be taken if one has limited time. These alternative routes are listed under Variations.

WARNING: If it has been raining a lot, or is a wet winter or spring, this ride is best avoided as some of the trails can be very muddy.

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Cafes and Toilets

There are cafes in Mordialloc and in Waterways.

There are toilets at the Mordialloc station but then not until one reaches the Waterways as one travels around the waterway. 

There are picnic tables and toilets in Braeside Park.


The ride is flat and mostly on bike trails most of which are gravel.

WARNING: If it has been raining a lot, this ride is best avoided as some of the trails can be very muddy.

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Braeside Park.

Braeside Park.

Ride Details

Mordialloc Station to The Bird Hide (4.7km)

  1. Start on the south side of Mordialloc Station in Bear Street and head southwest.
  2. Turn left into the service road of Main Street. Follow this east past a roundabout to a bike trail alongside Mordialloc Creek.
  3. Turn left and follow the bike trail under the railway line.
  4. Follow the bike trail on the north side of the creek until you find a pedestrian bridge.
  5. Cross the creek and turn left onto the bike trail on the south side of the creek.
  6. Follow the bike trail until it swings to the right away from the creek. Ignore the left turn that takes you back to the creek and continue along the right bend.
  7. Follow the bike trail as it passes behind houses on the right and grasslands on the left. After 3.5 kms you will pass Rossdale Golf Club on the right. Do not take any of the turns to the left or right. After four or more kilometres you reach Edithvale Road at a pedestrian/bike crossing. You will see the sign for the Edithvale public golf course in front of you.
  8. Cross Edithvale Rd at the lights and turn left alongside the road. In 50m you will see a car park on your right. This leads to the bird hide.

    The Bird Hide to Mordialloc Creek (2.5km)
  9. After exploring the bird hide exit the bird hide and continue down the shared path along Edithvale Rd for about 200 – 300m until you pass the Discovery Centre.
  10. Just after the Discovery Centre the bike path ends so cross the road to the bike lane and go right.  There is a marked path leading into the wetlands on the left of the road. If it isn’t too wet, you may be able to follow this off road path. Ride along the path and take the third turnoff on your right. This leads to a roundabout on Nurten Parade.
    • Otherwise if the path is too overgrown, continue another 100m to Branagan Dr and turn left.  Follow this road to Nurten Parade. 
  11. Turn right into Nurten Parade and ride to Wells Road.
  12. Carefully cross Wells Road at the lights and turn left onto the shared path to follow Wells Road.
  13. Cross the next street, Bowen Parkway and immediately turn right on the shared path.
  14. Follow Bowen Parkway to Mordialloc Creek.

    Mordialloc Creek to Braeside Park (1.5km)
  15. Ride over the bridge into Waterways. Just after the bridge, cross to the right of Bowen Parkway to ride on the shared path on that side of the road. 
  16. Follow the shared path passing several waterways until it swings right and passes a café. 
  17. Take the second left turn after the café, into Burdekin Boulevard and ride to Governor Road.
  18. Cross Governor Road and turn right along the shared footpath to reach Braeside Park.

    Braeside Park Circuit (6.4km)
  19. Turn left into the park along a trail pulling away diagonally on the left of the entrance road.
  20. Ride along the trail and take the second turn into Wetlands Trail where you will find side trails on the left leading to viewing areas and a bird hide.
  21. At the end of Wetlands Trail turn left and follow Howards Road Trail ignoring the left turn to the rangers office. At the next crossroad go straight ahead.
  22. After the crossroad, take the second turn on the right.
  23. Ride along this trail crossing a sealed road. When you come to the information centre, stop and have a look at the display of the local fauna inside – its free!  There are also toilets here. One will pass various picnic areas so it is nice to have a picnic lunch or snack packed.  You will then cross another sealed road.  
  24. Turn right at the next intersection and follow the trail back to an information board and toilet.
  25. Turn left just before the information board and follow the trail back out to Governor Road.

    Braeside Park to Mordialloc Station (7.3km)
  26. Retrace your steps back to Waterways Lake.
  27. Turn left on the trail next to the lake. Follow the trail as it circumnavigates the lake. The lake is on your right. When you reach a road crossing the lake, continue on the trail straight ahead. Do not turn right.
  28. When the trail reaches Bowen Parkway turn left and cross Mordialloc Creek.
  29. Turn right next to Mordialloc Creek and follow it back to Mordialloc. You will go under Boundary Road.
  30. Eventually you will reach your outward path at step 5 above. 
  31. Retrace your steps back to the station.

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Make the ride shorter by one of: 

  • replacing steps 6 to 15 by turning left and following Mordialloc Creek to the bridge into Waterways, 
  • instead of ignoring the left hand paths in step 7, following one of these alternative bike paths to Wells Rd, rather than going straight ahead.  At Wells Road turn left and go to Nurten Parade.  Then follow the directions above from step 13. 
  • continuing straight ahead along Bowen Parkway at step 24 rather than circumnavigating the lake.

Extend the ride

  • by starting at Brighton Beach Station and following the first part of Beaches and Cliffs to get to Mordialloc.


  • Melway or Melway Online: Starts at map reference 92 F1
  • Google:
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