Lake Wendouree

Ballarat, Distance: 12km circuit
Region: Western Victoria
Written up by: U3A Yarra City OYB
Last ridden: April 2019

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This delightful ride is in the middle of Ballarat. It showcases the beautiful Lake Wendouree and Victoria Park.


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Cafes and Accommodation

There is plenty of accommodation in Ballarat. On the ride there are a number of cafes on the edge of Lake Wendouree. 


The ride is dead flat and mainly off road except for one short connection between Sturt St and Lake Wendouree. 

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Getting There and Back

There is an excellent train service connecting Melbourne and Ballarat. For those travelling by car there is plenty of parking near the ride.

Ride Details

Wendouree Station to Lake Wendouree

  1. The ride starts near Wendouree Station. Make your way to Gillies St N and turn right into this street.

  2. Take the first left turn into Gregory Street.

  3. Take the first right turn into The Boulevard then turn right into St Aidans Drive. 

  4. Cross Wendouree Parade and turn right on the lakeside track (Steve Moneghetti Track). 

    Stage 1 of Lake Circuit

  5. Follow the lakeside track anti clockwise until you reach 'Pipers by the Lake' cafe on your right. If you have time, stop here and head towards and past the cafe, crossing Wendouree Parade and visit the magnificent Ballarat Botanical Gardens. A very worthwhile detour.

  6. Return to the track and continue until you reach the Ballarat 1956 Olympic Venue Memorial. On your right you will see Loretto Mandeville College.

  7. Continue on the Lakeside Track until you pass this college, then cross Wendouree Parade and ride along Morrison Street to Sturt Street.

    Victoria Park Circuit

  8. Cross Sturt Street into Russell Street and take the first entrance on the right into Cedar Avenue to enter Victoria Park.

  9. Turn right into Elm Avenue. 

  10. Just before exiting the park turn left to continue on Elm Avenue.

  11. Follow Elm Avenue as it curves into Poplar Avenue. 

  12. At Cedar Avenue turn right and then left into Quercus Avenue.

  13. Follow Quercus Avenue as it curves around into Plane Avenue.

  14. When you reach Cedar Avenue, turn right to exit the park where you started. 

    Finish the Lake Circuit

  15. Retrace your steps along Morrison Street to Lake Wendouree.

  16. Turn right onto the lakeside track and follow this  track to complete the lake circuit to St Aidans Drive.

  17. Retrace your steps back to Wendouree Station.

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As this ride is a circuit it is possible to start at any point. If driving, you can either start at one of the many parking areas near the lake. Or you may prefer to park next to Victoria Park in Sturt Street.




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