Region: Regional Victoria
Wangaratta to Milawa, Distance: 18km
Written up by: U3A Yarra City OYB
Last ridden: 22 April 2018

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Bachelors Green.

Bachelors Green.


This is a pleasant scenic ride to Milawa, one of Victoria’s gourmet regions. It starts in Wangaratta and finishes in Milawa.

You start at Batchelors Green in the middle of Wangaratta and follow One Mile Creek through a delightful bushland corridor. The next phase of the ride is on the Milawa Rail Trail. Although the rail trail follows roads, the traffic is not intrusive and it is very scenic with views of farmland and bush. 

Six kilometres before the end of the ride you reach Oxley before coasting along the final part of the trail to Milawa. Oxley and Milawa have a number of gourmet food outlets and there are wineries near these towns. Check out some of the old buildings such as the 1868 Oxley Flour Mill in Oxley and the Old Emu Inn in Milawa.

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Cafes and Toilets

There are cafes in Wangaratta, Oxley and Milawa and wineries on the way. There are toilets in Batchelors Green and in Milawa.


The ride is dead flat on good quality trails.

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Getting There and Back

Trains to Wangaratta run each day and the station is just 5 minutes from the start of the ride. If you are doing the ride one way, you will need to arrange a car shuffle or book one of the bike transport companies to take you back to Wangaratta.

Ride Details

  1. Start at Batchelors Green a park in the heart of Wangaratta. This is a few minutes ride from Wangaratta Railway Station. To get to Batchelors Green from the train station, simply turn right as you emerge from the station and ride south down Norton Street. The park is on the southern side of Tone Road.
  2. Ride south along One Mile Creek to Cribbes Road. Make sure that you follow the creek and do not take any side paths. 
  3. Turn left and ride along Cribbes Road about 800 metres until you reach the intersection with Murdoch Road, and the Milawa Rail Trail.  
  4. Turn right and follow the trail alongside Murdoch Road as it becomes Wangaratta-Whitfield Road. At one point the trail leaves the road to go under Hume Freeway.
  5. Continue along the trail for approximately 11 km, to the intersection with Snow Road at a roundabout. 
  6. Turn left and follow Snow Road to Oxley and then Milawa.
  7. To return to Wangaratta, retrace your steps or use a car shuffle. 


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It is possible to ride on roads to Everton to join the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail.



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