Preston Market

Rushall Circuit, Distance: 14km
Region: Northern Melbourne
Written up by: U3A Yarra City OYB
Last ridden: 20 July 2018

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Merri Creek in Coburg

Merri Creek in Coburg


The Merri Creek path takes you through delightful bush scenery. After leaving this path the ride takes you through the suburban streets of Preston to Preston Market. This market is a multicultural melting pot and is the regional market for the north of Melbourne. The ride down St Georges Road is on top of the main water pipe that delivers water to the city.

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Cafes and Toilets

There are cafes and toilets at CERES Environmental Park and at the Islamic Museum.

There is a cosmopolitan smorgasbord of food at the Preston Market as well as toilets.

There are also plenty of cafes as you travel south along St George’s Road. 


This ride is on sealed surfaces all the way. About 2.5km of the ride is on quiet suburban streets.  The section on Merri Creek is undulating. The bike path down St George’s Road has recently been reconstructed. It is smooth concrete and very wide.  There are quite a few traffic lights down St Georges Rd, so just be patient.

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The Preston Mosque in Cramer Street

The Preston Mosque in Cramer Street

Ride Details

Rushall Station to Connolly Ave/Merri Creek Trail (6.8km)

  1. Starting at Rushall station ride 300m west along the Capital City Trail then turn right. Follow this path over the bridge at the Merri Creek and then continue along the path to St Georges Road. 
  2. Turn left along the footpath on St George's Road till you get to the bus shelter. Turn left here and then spiral down to the Merri Creek Path. 
  3. Follow this path all the way up to Harding Street suspension bridge. On the way you will see the golden domes of the Russian Orthodox Church and the Brunswick velodrome, home of the oldest cycling club in Victoria. You could even do a couple of laps of the track if you felt energetic. There are two coffee stops along this section of the path.
    • The environmental Centre known as CERES has excellent coffee and it is worth having a wander around the centre.
    • A little further on is the Islamic Museum of Australia. There is usually a sign on the bike path and the coffee and cakes here are also excellent. You can get a full meal if you wish.
  4. Cross the suspension bridge, turn right and follow the path north passing the CERES market garden.
  5. Continue north to the next bridge crossing the Merri Creek.
  6. Cross the bridge and ride up to Connolly Ave.

    Connolly Ave/Merri Creek Trail to Preston Market (2.1km)
  7. Turn right into Connolly Avenue and ride north to Meadow Street.
  8. Turn right into Meadow St and ride down to Elizabeth Street.
  9. Cross Elizabeth Street and ride up Eric Street (a steep hill) to the T intersection with James Street.  
  10. Turn Right into James Street and then left into Cramer Street. There’s more uphill to the top of Cramer Street.
  11. Continue along Cramer Street till you get to St Georges Road.
  12. Cross St Georges Road at the traffic light and continue along for 200m and turn left into the Preston Market car park.

    Preston Market To Rushall Station (5.2km)
  13. To return to Rushall Station, ride back down Cramer St to St Georges Road.
  14. Turn left into the centre of St Georges Road and follow the path south all the way back to Merri Parade.
  15. When you get to the Albion Charles Hotel, cross over Charles Street and Merri Parade turn left and follow the Merri Creek Trail for about 100m then turn right down to the bridge. 
  16. This path takes you across the Merri Creek and up a small rise to the Capital City Trail. Turn left and Rushall Station is 200m further on.


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Shorten the ride

  • by catching a train at Preston Station which is alongside the market.


  • Melway or Melway Online: Starts at map reference 30 D11
  • Google: 
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