Bundoora Park and the Darebin Creek

Reservoir to Alphington, Distance: 18 km
Region: Northern Melbourne
Written up by: U3A Yarra City OYB
Last ridden: 2 March 2018

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On top of Mt Cooper. 

On top of Mt Cooper. 


Over the years the parklands around the Darebin Creek and near Mont Park, an ex-psychiatric hospital, have been attractively landscaped with areas of natural bush. These combine with the wetlands near Latrobe University to make for a most enjoyable ride. 
The ride goes from Reservoir Station to Alphington Station.

The ride first heads to the Darebin Creek Trail travelling past some houses to reach the turnoff to Bundoora Park. Bundoora Park is a diverse park with a farm, sportsgrounds and picnic areas. Inside the park, a side trip to Mt Cooper, the highest point in Metropolitan Melbourne is well worth the effort.  

The next stage of the ride is a traverse of Latrobe University. After checking out the University, the ride follows the Latrobe University “moat” to pick up the Darebin Creek Trail. Finally it goes downstream along the attractive, bushy creek to the Darebin Parklands.

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There is a cafe in Bundoora park. There are plenty of cafes and food places at the Agora in Latrobe University, and toilets just outside the library. A side trip into Northland is also possible. There are cafes near Reservoir and Alphington Stations. 
Toilets are to be found in Bundoora Park and Latrobe University (just outside the library).


Apart from a short segment at the start, the ride is along bike paths. While it is mainly downhill there is one short hill to climb.

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Latrobe University Sports Lake

Latrobe University Sports Lake

Ride Details

Darebin Creek near Darebin Parklands

Darebin Creek near Darebin Parklands

Reservoir Station to Darebin Creek Trail (2.1km)

  1. To find the start of the ride, cross High Street and Cheddar Road on the east side of the Reservoir Station and look for Royal Parade heading south east just next to the toilets.
  2. Ride along Royal Parade, turn first right onto Cuthbert Road and left at the roundabout onto Fordham Road.
  3. At the end of Fordham Road turn right onto Bolderwood Parade and immediately left onto Clements Grove. You will see the Darebin Creek Trail on your right. 

    Darebin Creek Trail to Plenty Road (5.8km)
  4. Turn left onto the Darebin Creek Trail. After 250m turn right on to Chenies Road to cross the creek, cross the road, then go left back onto the trail. Follow this until you reach Waters Way/Grasslands Road (signposted Bundoora Park). 
  5. Turn right onto Waters Way/Grasslands Road. Follow this to Fairway Drive. Then turn right onto Fairway Drive and left onto River Redgum Avenue in Bundoora Park.
  6. Follow River Redgum Avenue until you have climbed the top of Mt Cooper. This is a bit steep at the end, but the hill is quite short so easily walkable. Mt Cooper is the site of an old volcano where you can enjoy views across to Mt Macedon and Kinglake. This is the highest point in metropolitan Melbourne. Continue along River Redgum Avenue eventually retracing your steps back to Fairway Drive. Follow River Redgum Avenue to reach Plenty Road.

    Plenty Road to Darebin Creek Trail (2.7km)
  7. Cross Plenty Road, turn right and ride along the pavement to find the entrance to the Latrobe University Medical Centre.
  8. Turn into the University and make your way through car parks to a roundabout.
  9. Follow Science Drive south from the roundabout. Over on your left is the Agora, home to shops and cafes (Melway 19 G6). Continue on Science Drive around a bend to a roundabout where you turn right.
  10. Head through the entrance gates and continue straight ahead going under Kingsbury Drive. 
  11. Just past a road on the right leading across a bridge to a carpark pick up a bike path. On the right of the bike path is a waterway (Sports Lake) and on the left a carpark. 
  12. Follow the bike path until you reach the Darebin Creek Trail.

    Darebin Creek Trail to Alphington Station (7.4km)
  13. Turn left onto the Darebin Creek Trail and follow this path until you reach the Darebin Parklands.  There are a couple of tricky intersections. 
    • In particular, after you turn left onto the Darebin Creek Trail, turn left onto the first footbridge (just after the sports stadium) and then immediately turn right. 
    • After riding under Southern Road turn right at the next intersection.
  14. Turn right into the Darebin Parklands and follow the trail around to Wingrove Street where you will find Alphington Station.

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Extend this ride

  • by combining with Koonung Creek, doing one of the two rides in the reverse direction or
  • by starting at Rushall Station. Reverse the route in steps 13 to 20 of The Old Pipeline before doing this ride.



  • Melway or Melway Online: Starts at map reference 18 H5
  • Google: 
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Note that Grasslands Road in Melway is called Waters Way on Google Maps.

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