Koonung Creek

Blackburn to Alphington, Distance: 18 km
Region: Eastern Melbourne
Written up by: U3A Yarra City OYB
Last ridden: 6 April 2018

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Wetlands at Koonung Reserve

Wetlands at Koonung Reserve


This is a great ride through linear park with lovely bushland sections and excellent views across to the city. The ride goes from Blackburn Railway Station to Alphington Station via the Koonung Creek, the Main Yarra and the Darebin Creek Trails. 

Like many creeks in Melbourne, the Koonung Creek corridor has been landscaped and developed for the enjoyment of cyclists and walkers.  At the Koonung Creek Reserve there are wetlands where one can check out birds such as the purple swamp hen, while other native birds can be seen and heard throughout the native bushland that you will ride through. The Koonung Creek trail ends at the Main Yarra trail.

The remainder of the ride is through golf courses, open parkland and, where the Yarra River meets the Darebin Creek, lush bush.

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Cafes and Toilets

Freeway Golf Course Café can be found by crossing a bridge over the freeway just after crossing Bulleen Road. There are also cafes near Blackburn and Alphington Stations. There is a toilet and several sheltered picnic tables in Koonung Creek Reserve just before Bulleen Road.


Apart from a short segment at the start, the ride is along bike paths. The Koonung Creek Trail is well marked, with signposts and regular stencil signs on the trail. The terrain is a gentle downhill slope, punctuated by a few uphill sections.

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The Darebin Creek

The Darebin Creek

Ride Details

Blackburn Station to Koonung Creek Trail (2.2km)

  1. Exit Blackburn Railway Station on the north side, facing Railway Road. 
  2. Ride away from the station, going north along Station Street, and come to Whitehorse Road/Maroondah Highway at the lights. Cross, turn slight left, then right and continue north along Williams Road to Springfield Road.
  3. At Springfield Road turn right for about 25 metres, and then left onto Koonung Road. 
  4. Continue to travel north for 1.1km until, at the bottom of the hill, you reach the end of Koonung Road. You will find the Koonung Creek Trail directly opposite, next to the Eastern Freeway. 

    Koonung Creek Trail to Bulleen Road (8.1km)
  5. Turn left and follow the Koonung Creek Trail – travelling west, or towards the city.
  6. After about 150 metres the Trail turns right at a footbridge, to cross the Eastern Freeway. Once across, turn left to keep following the Trail. 
  7. You will pass under a main road (Middleborough Road).
  8. After about 500 metres, keep to the left fork in the Trail.
  9. Once again, you will cross over the Eastern Freeway on a footbridge to the southern side of the freeway. Once across, turn right to continue on the Trail.
  10. You will pass under three arterial roads, the last of which is Doncaster Road, before entering Koonung Creek Reserve. 
  11. Continue on for 9.6km to reach Bulleen Road. 

    Bulleen Road to Darebin Creek Trail Turn Off (4.5km)
  12. Cross at the lights and continue on the Trail, on the left (southern side) of the freeway.
  13. Continue on the Trail until it reaches a fork. Ignore a path headed left to Hays Paddock, in the direction of the Burke Road overpass.
  14. Follow the Trail itself to the right as it heads under the Eastern Freeway.   
  15. Emerge from under the Eastern Freeway and, now on the north side of the Freeway, follow the Koonung Creek Trail around to the left, through the tunnel under Burke Road, to meet the Main Yarra Trail at a footbridge.  
  16. Do not cross the footbridge but keep to the left on Main Yarra Trail as you pass through Burke Road Billabong. 
  17. Follow the trail along the northern side of the Eastern Freeway between the freeway and Kew Golf Club to get to Belford Road. Just before Belford Road is a steep but short hill.
  18. Cross Belford Road and continue straight ahead.
  19. Pass the bike repair station overlooking Willsmere Park and, as you get to the western, bottom end of the park, meet the Darebin Creek Trail (signposted Epping 42km).

    Darebin Creek Trail Turn Off to Alphington Station (3.0km)
  20. Farewell the Main Yarra Trail and follow the Darebin Creek Trail for 2.4km.
    Cross several footbridges and pass under Heidelberg Road and then the railway bridge.
  21. As you enter Darebin Creek Park you will encounter a relatively steep, but not long ascent to the parklands proper. 
  22. At the top of the slope, take the left fork into Darebin Parklands and follow the path until it reaches the street.
  23. Turn left towards Wingrove Street.
  24. At the intersection with Wingrove Street you will see Alphington Station in front of you.


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Extend this ride by one of the following:


  • Melway or Melway Online: Starts at map reference 47 K10
  • Google: 
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