Gardiners Creek

Blackburn to Kooyong, Distance: 19km
Region: Eastern Melbourne
Written up by: U3A Yarra City OYB
Last ridden: 19 April 2019

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Kalang Park

Kalang Park


This is a lovely ride along a bush-fringed path beside Gardiners Creek. The ride is from Blackburn Station to Kooyong Station. You will ride through Blackburn, Box Hill, Burwood, Ashwood and Ashburton, East Malvern, Glen Iris and Kooyong. 

The first kilometre or so of the ride is through Kalang Park, perhaps one of the nicest sections of bike path in Melbourne. You continue through the delightful and varied parklands that flank Gardiners Creek including forest, manicured playgrounds, a lake and wetlands.

As you pass Deakin University look for birds and frogs in the wetlands. Just after you cross Burwood Highway there are some sculptures including koori carvings and a homage to drive-in theatres. 

In East Malvern you might enjoy taking a break in the Dorothy Laver Reserve to contemplate the serene lake and the wildlife. Or you could stop a bit further along at the gazebo overlooking the creek. Just to the left of this reserve are trails through the Glen Iris wetlands.

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Cafes and Toilets

There are cafes at the start of the ride. It is also pleasant to take a break under the spreading Moreton Bay tree at the cafe next to path in Highbury Road. There is one café near the path just after going under High St Road, Glen Iris and another in High St Road just off the ride. There is a café just beyond the end of the ride near Kooyong Station.

There are toilets at Blackburn Station, just after Canterbury Road and at the playground at Markham Reserve soon after Warrigul Road.


The ride is on bike paths except for a short stretch of quiet street at the start. The gradients on this ride are gentle and downhill overall, although there are a couple of mini challenges – the steep short exits to Station Street and Burwood Highway. Although some sections are gravel, they are well maintained and easily ridden.

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At the drive-in!

At the drive-in!

Ride Details

Blackburn Station to Canterbury Road (2.3km)

  1. Start on the south side of Blackburn Station. Opposite the station carpark you will see Gardenia Street.

  2. Ride down Gardenia Street until you reach Furness Park and the Gardiners Creek Trail.

  3. Turn right onto the bike trail.

  4. Ride through the park, crossing a bridge on the way, until you reach Middleborough Road.

  5. Cross Middleborough Road and turn left. Cross Albion Street.

  6. Follow the bike trail south, keeping Middleborough Road on your left.

  7. Cross Canterbury Road and turn right.

    Canterbury Road to Burwood Highway (3.8km)

  8. Turn left almost immediately on the trail marked “Gardiners Creek” just after the skate park.

  9. Follow the trail until you reach Riversdale Road.

  10. Continue straight up the steep short section of Riversdale Road.

  11. Turn left at the first street – Gurrnoong Court. Ride along Gurrnoong Court and straight ahead on Station Street along the shared footpath.

  12. At the pedestrian lights cross Station Street and turn right on the shared footpath.

  13. Just after the creek, turn left back onto the off-road Gardiners Creek Trail.

  14. Ride on the Trail keeping the creek to your left until you exit onto Burwood Highway.

    Burwood Highway to Anniversary Trail (5.2km)

  15. Ride up to the lights at Elgar Road and turn left to cross Burwood Highway.

  16. Continue straight onto McIntyre Street and pick up the Trail on your left.

  17. Follow the Trail as it crosses Highbury Road and High Street Road.

  18. At Warrigul Road turn right, cross the creek and turn right to go under the road.

  19. Continue on the Trail until it crosses Ashburn Grove and turns right.

  20. Follow the Trail alongside Ashburn Grove.

  21. When it meets the Anniversary Trail turn left onto this trail.

    Anniversary Trail to Kooyong Station (8.1km)

  22. Follow the Anniversary Trail until it crosses first a road and then Gardiners Creek before reaching a golf course.

  23. Turn right. This is the continuation of the Gardiners Creek Trail.

  24. Follow the Gardiners Creek Trail across a couple of quiet streets and under several main roads.

  25. Soon after going under Toorak Road you will pass a skate park and then swing left under the Monash Freeway to cross the creek (now a concrete drain).

  26. Turn right after crossing the bridge and turn left at the next intersection to go up to Glenferrie Road.

  27. Ride a short distance along Glenferrie Road until you see Kooyong Station.

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Shorten the ride by finishing at one of:

  • Alamein Station (At step 21 turn right to follow Anniversary Trail to the station.)

  • East Malvern Station (At Step 23 turn left instead of right and follow the trail for a few hundred metres to East Malvern Station.)

Extend the ride by one of the following:

  • adding part of the Ashburton Circuit ride. It coincides with this ride from the Anniversary Trail intersection onwards.

  • starting at Kooyong Station and doing this ride in reverse, then continuing onto the Koonung Creek ride at Blackburn Station.


  • Melway or Melway Online: Starts at map reference 47 K10

  • Google:

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