Hawkstowe Station to Rushall Station

Ride on 8th March 2019

We had 14 riders, the weather was ideal and we had a modest tailwind almost all the way. This was a very varied ride with probably too many street and road crossings that break the riding rhythm, but it was good to do the new bike path from Hawkstowe Station to South Morang. 

The best place for coffee etc was when we arrived at the Dalton Rd and Ring Road intersection - but no one liked my suggestion of Maccas. Another 15 minutes or so saw us at Reservoir Station where we lucked out on  Il Pasticcino- Pasticceria Italiana at 64 Edwardes St , down from the station. The place I was originally heading to in Edwardes St had disappeared. This is a ride where the OYB Pop-Up Cafe Velo  would have been a better option.

We resumed riding after this welcome stop and soon found one rider’s crank was intent on leaving it's axle. We assembled a formidable range of technical and engineering expertise and managed a good enough repair to get the rider home.


Jeff's Shed to Sandringham

Ride on March 1, 2019

We had 8 riders today for a pleasant ride to Sandringham with a few shaded watering breaks on the way. It was warm but not that uncomfortable.


Four riders from the US were met at Pt Melb and later 2 of them boarded the train at Brighton Beach on the trip back. We had a good chat and even got onto discussing 'The Donald' near the end.

The newly renovated Sandy pub was as ever welcoming and the food a real treat.  The excellent aircon was particularly appreciated. Three of us enjoyed the Sandy's now near iconic 'tarte du jour' : a towering medley of golden organic butter short crust and puff pastries enclosing a rich ragu of Aussie Black Angus pasture fed prime beef and drizzled with homemade tomato relish, nestling enticingly on a bed of sublime heritage potato mash and crowned with fresh handpicked minted garden peas almost drowning in an earthy jus.  All of this for a most reasonable $15 on the seniors' menu! The other nosh was pretty good too.