Jeff's Shed to Williamstown via the Punt

Ride on 24th January 2019


Just imagine us riding to the Yarra for a sausage sizzle in 43 degree temperatures today!!! 

Of course, instead of this, five of us beat the heat by riding early yesterday. We started at Jeff's Shed looking across the river while one of us took artistic pictures of the reflections. Then it was along to Station Pier and Sandridge Beach. Once we passed the passengers disembarking from their liner, there were only a few other people out and about as we rode along the serene beach. 

A short ride on the landscaped path alongside Todd Road took us into Westgate Park where we stopped off to admire the lake and laugh at those people travelling bumper to bumper across the Westgate Bridge. Instead of the bridge, we crossed the Yarra on the punt – much more pleasurable. It is good to see that the punt is very popular in peak periods. 

Heading down to Williamstown, we decided to try out a member's suggestion of riding out to Sandy Point. It has been fenced off and is home to water birds and views. Well worth a visit for a small group of riders. The next detour was the Ferguson Street pier. Three of us went to the end to check out the views there.

By this time we were hanging out for breakfast. It was delicious.

We all decided to catch the train home. A wise decision as, during the trip home, the temperature increased at a great rate.

Thanks to all who joined me for summer riding. It made the experience much more enjoyable. And thanks to all those who helped on our rides.