Mt Waverley to Richmond via Oakleigh

Ride on 3 January 2019


There were nine starters last Thursday. Our route, pioneered by one of leaders, Bob, has lovely shaded paths and is a wonderful summer ride. 

We wended our way down the unmade trail through Valley Reserve to pick up Scotchmans Creek Trail where it was easy riding to reach our turnoff to Oakleigh. 

Hmmm, did I hear the words, "there is a hill on this road"? Yes indeed there was, but it could not have been too bad as each and every one of us made it up to the top. Then, with Oakleigh shopping centre in sight, we whizzed downhill anxious to find Nikos cakes. 

Aah, Nikos Cakes! The delightful array of goodies on display tempted almost all of us. As well as coffee, there was shopping for those so inclined. At least one bike groaned under a load of nuts and tomatoes. 

We then left on the final part of our ride. Oh joy and celebration! The alterations at Hughesdale have been completed and we no longer need to ride up Poath Rd across the railway tracks. Instead we used the new bike road crossing and bike trail before turning right under the sky rail straight onto the bike path heading north towards Dandenong Rd and the Urban Forest.  

Most of us chose to continue along Gardners Creek Trail. More shade and more fun riding took us to Richmond where we split into smaller groups to ride home.