Westgate Park Circuit from Jeff's Shed

Ride on 15 March 2019


Under gloomy skies, 23 riders set off along Southbank from Jeff’s Shed, the waterfront mansions and their associated flotilla of cruisers drawing occasional if-only sighs and  snorts of derision as we passed. Everyone negotiated the challenging crossing of Lorimer Street – the Curve of Death, someone suggested – without incident and the heavens rewarded this achievement by clearing to bright sunshine as we reached the current tourist drawcard of the Red Salt Lake in Westgate Park. We wisely advised delaying coffee until we reached a guaranteed quality establishment, so we sailed along the beach, past Station Pier to the Sandbar café, where we were treated to rapid service and a view across a sparkling Port Phillip. Refreshed and reinvigorated, the group split up here, most returning to our starting point via the light rail path from Station Pier, some heading off further along the coast towards distant Brighton. Another most enjoyable OYB excursion. Thanks to all who contributed to its success. Special thanks to Pam and Paul for sweeping, to Carlos for standing point, and to Joy for the photos.