Flinders St to Sandringham via the Bay Trail

Ride on 5 April 2019

After realizing we hadn't packed our DIY resuscitation kit and C&BW suits, the planned Craigieburn trip was postponed because of the raging fire in the recycling plant.

So we turned to Plan B: off to Sandringham via St Kilda Rd, Albert Park, Fitzroy St and the Bay Path. It’s a lovely ride, which we’ve done a number of times before. The bike path alongside the beach is delightful, and the Sandringham Pub always delivers a good lunch.

Weather was a glorious, sunny Melbourne autumn day and the forecast tailwind pushed us all the way to the Sandy pub. All up a nice cruise down the bay and without incident.

The Sandy Pub Seniors Menu was its usual high standard and everyone seemed to enjoy the nosh and theconversazione .