Epping to Greensborough via Darebin Creek & Plenty River

Ride on 20/9/2019

Fifteen people lined up for an OYB first, Epping to Greensborough.


The first leg was along the upper part of the Darebin Creek that has been followed in other OYB rides. A big thanks to John for riding at the back and scaring off the magpie that swooped me about 8 times on Wednesday! The tailwind blew us along and we soon reached the Ring Road trail. As we followed this to Bundoora we were faced with a subtle hill, you know the kind, you think the top is just ahead, but the climb continues just around a bend.

A bit further along we reached our only major road crossing, Plenty Road. Shortly after this we turned of the Ring Road Trail to find La Salita, our cafe of the day. As requested they knew we were coming and had extra wait staff and a table ready for us. This place received a big tick of approval.

We now continued around the corner on quiet streets to find the Plenty River Parklands where a cycling track took us in and out of this park. Here was where the kangaroos waited to be admired as we rode past. We couldn't actually see the river as it was in a deep gorge, but the parklands were pleasant.

Back on a quiet road, we swooped downhill to cross the Plenty River before following it upstream to the station. Why the quiet road and not the Ring Road trail you ask? Because while the Ring Road and Plenty River trails intersect on paper, in fact there is a vertical distance of about 10m between them!

Commenting on the new ride, Joy wrote, "I really enjoyed this ride. The wild flowers were beautiful."