Great Mediterranean Cake Shop Ride #2

Rushall to Coburg via the Merri Creek and Coburg Lake, Distance: 10km
Region: Northern Melbourne
Written up by: U3A Yarra City OYB
Last ridden: 23 March 2018

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Looking across Merri Creek to CERES market garden.

Looking across Merri Creek to CERES market garden.


This ride is a variation of the Great Mediterranean Cake Shop Ride #1. The first part of the ride from Rushall Station to Harding Street Bridge is the same as the Great Mediterranean Cake Shop Ride #1 and is described in this ride in steps 1 to 8 below. From Harding Street Bridge you ride along the Merri Creek Trail to Coburg Lake. From Coburg Lake there is a short ride west along Gaffney Street to cake shop heaven.  

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Cafes and Toilets

Between Rushall Station and Harding Street bridge there are cafes at CERES and the Islamic Museum. Both have cafes and toilets.  The area around Coburg Station is coffee and cake shop heaven.

There are public toilets on the bike path at the northern end of Coburg Lake.


Most of this ride is on sealed shared paths. The terrain is not too steep, with a couple of short, sharp rises.

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Swans on the lake.

Swans on the lake.

Ride Details

Rushall Station to Harding Street (5.7km)

  1. Starting at Rushall station ride 300m west along the Capital City Trail then turn right on the path towards Merri Creek Trail.
  2. Follow the path over the bridge at the Merri Creek and then continue along the path to St Georges Road. 
  3. Turn left along the footpath on St Georges Road to cross the bridge over the creek.
  4. On the other side, at the bus shelter, turn left on the bike path and then spiral down to the Merri Creek Trail. 
  5. Immediately after you pass under the road bridge at Moreland Road, follow the path to your left, up the steep rise to Moreland Road.
  6. Here, you turn left to cross the creek again to Normanby Avenue.
  7. Once across the bridge, turn left into the first street, Anderson Road, where the Merri Creek Trail continues. Follow this path all the way up to Harding Street suspension bridge. 
    There are two coffee stops as you travel from St Georges Road to Harding Street.
    • The environmental Centre known as CERES has excellent coffee and it is worth having a wander around the centre.
    • A little further on is a cafe at the Islamic Museum of Australia. There is usually a sign on the bike path and the coffee and cakes here are also excellent. You can get a full meal if you wish.
  8. At Harding Street, cross the suspension bridge.

    Harding Street to Coburg Lake (2.9km)
  9. Once you cross Harding Street Bridge turn hard right to follow the trail past the CERES (aka Joe's) Market Garden on your left. Until recently this was the nearest working market garden to the city. 
  10. Continue on the trail for about 1 km then and you will pass under Newlands Road and cross the Merri Creek over the cycling and pedestrian bridge, reaching the banks of Coburg Lake.
  11. Follow the Merri Creek Trail around the lake for another 1.8 km where there is a public toilet block on your right.

    Coburg Lake to Coburg Station (1.4km)
  12. At the public toilets, turn left, to cross the creek again and follow the path up a steep hill.
  13. At the fork, turn hard right up another short steep hill where you meet Lake Grove at the Harry Atkinson Art and Craft Centre. 
  14. Ride south down Lake Grove for about 100 metres, to Gaffney St and then turn right up Gaffney St. Gaffney St is often busy and you may wish to walk your bike along the footpath.
  15. Cross Sydney Rd at the traffic lights and continue up Gaffney St to the railway line.
  16. Turn left and cross Gaffney St at the railway crossing. 
  17. Ride south down Batman Avenue. At the end of Batman Ave you join the Upfield Bike Path on your right alongside the railway line.
  18. Continue riding south, crossing Ohea St and then Bell St until you arrive at Coburg Station.
  19. Go left from Coburg Station through the Coles carpark for coffee and middle eastern delicacies.

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Extend this ride by one of the following:

  • continuing down the Upfield Trail from Coburg Station to Parkville. See the Great Mediterranean Cake Shop Ride #1 steps 9 to 15 for details.
  • riding across Munro Street and its continuation, Harding Street, across Sydney Road to the Merri Creek and reversing steps 1 to 8 above.
  • reversing Great Mediterranean Cake Ride #3 and going back to Rushall Station along St Georges Road.


  • Melway or Melway Online: Starts at map reference 30 A2
  • Google: 
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