Great Mediterranean Cake Shop Ride #1

Rushall circuit via Merri Creek and Coburg, Distance: 15km
Region: Northern Melbourne
Written up by: U3A Yarra City OYB
Last ridden: 28 March 2018

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Merri Creek.

Merri Creek.


This ride takes you from Rushall station up the Merri Creek Path to Harding Street, Coburg. A short ride along Harding Street takes you to coffee shop nirvana.

After getting your dose of caffeine, you follow the Upfield path down through Brunswick to Royal Park and onto the Capital City Trail. You then follow the Capital City Trail back to Rushall Station. 

The ride along the Merri Creek Trail is mainly through bush and parks while the trip down the Upfield Path follows the railway line through now trendy but once industrial Brunswick. Watch out for the array of street art and start ups along the Path. 

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Cafes and Toilets

Not for nothing do our riders describe this end of this ride as "coffee and cake nirvana". Once you reach Sydney Road, there is an abundance of cafes (see step 9 below). Toilets can be found at all the cafes.


This ride is on sealed surfaces all the way. There is probably 2 km of road riding along Harding St and a few short sharp hills.

The Merri Creek Path is one of the original bike paths and consequently in places it is narrow. The path is gradually being upgraded.

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The silos on the Upwey Trail.

The silos on the Upwey Trail.

Ride Details

Rushall Station to Harding Street (5.7km)

  1. Starting at Rushall Station ride 300m west along the Capital City Trail then turn right on the path towards Merri Creek Trail.
  2. Follow the path over the bridge at the Merri Creek and then continue along the path to St Georges Road. 
  3. Turn left along the footpath on St Georges Road to cross the bridge over the creek.
  4. On the other side, at the bus shelter, turn left on the bike path and then spiral down to the Merri Creek Trail. 
  5. Immediately after you pass under the road bridge at Moreland Road, follow the path to your left, up the steep rise to Moreland Road.
  6. Here, you turn left to cross the creek again to Normanby Avenue.
  7. Once across the bridge, turn left into the first street, Anderson Road, where the Merri Creek Trail continues. Follow this path all the way up to Harding Street suspension bridge. 
    There are two coffee stops as you travel from St Georges Road to Harding Street.
    • The environmental centre known as CERES has excellent coffee and it is worth having a wander around the centre.
    • A little further on is the Islamic Museum of Australia. There is usually a sign on the bike path and the coffee and cakes here are also excellent. You can get a full meal if you wish.
  8. At Harding Street, cross the suspension bridge.

    Harding Street to Coburg (2.2km)
  9. Go west up the steep hill to Harding Street. Ride 130m to Nicholson St. Cross at the lights then continue along Harding Street until you get to Sydney Road. 
    You are now in serious coffee shop territory.  All the following cafes are excellent.
    • You can go south down Sydney Road for 100m till you come to Two Monks Cafe.
    • Cross Sydney Road at the lights and Zatar is on the corner.
    • Opposite Zatar in Munro St (the continuation of Harding Street) is True North.
    • Go 170 m north up to Sydney Road and you find Yiannis Parthenon Cakes.
    • Continue west along Munro Street past the roundabout and you will find Vassili’s Garden.
    • If you turn right at the roundabout and ride North 350 m up Louisa Street, you will find Al Alamy.  
  10. Back to the ride. From the intersection of Sydney Road and Harding Street, continue west along Munro Street and turn left (south) into Railway Place. You are now on the Upfield Bike Path.

    Coburg to Rushall (7.1km)
  11. Follow the railway line all the way to Royal Park. 
    As you travel south towards Royal Park, there are still more opportunities to explore the culinary delights:
    • For Lebanese cakes, turn left into Tinning Street immediately after the silos (you can't miss them).
    • Ride down Tinning Street, turn left (north) up Sydney Road to Balha’s Pastries. If you like sweet things, you won't be disappointed. 
    • Further down the Upfield Path is Steam Junkies on the ground floor of the award winning Commons building and
    • Even further down the Upfield Path at Union Street is the very hip, Agustico cafe and bike shop.
  12. Once you have made it to Royal Park, after you pass the tennis courts on your left the Upfield Path meets the Capital City  Trail.
  13. Do a sharp left hand turn and ride east along the Capital City Trail.
    • If you still need coffee “Park St” on your left can help you out. 
  14. Continue riding east along this path and you will return to Rushall Station.


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Shorten this ride by one of the following:

  • finishing at Coburg Station. This is on the Upfield Trail just north of Munro Street.
  • finishing at Royal Park Station.
  • returning down St Georges Road instead of the Upwey Bike Path. Just reverse Great Mediterranean Cake Ride #3.

Extend the ride by either


  • Melway or Melway Online: Starts at map reference 30 D11
  • Google: 
    • Please click on box with arrow at top left corner to see the map legend.
    • Please click on box at top right corner to see the map in Google Maps. You must be logged into Google Maps to do this.
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