Gardenvale to Richmond via the Elwood Canal

 Ride on Friday November 16, 2018

The bright sunshine brought 14 riders to Gardenvale ready to enjoy the perfect riding conditions. 

Disaster struck when Lynda realised that she had mislaid her helmet and gloves. She sends her thanks to those of us who helped her look for these. You will be pleased to know after we headed off, lightbulbs flashed and the gear was located. And, by following the directions in the OYB website our intrepid rider enjoyed the ride, albeit some time after the rest of us. 

Meanwhile the peloton went down the Elver/Elwood Canal, including a short (unplanned) section of bluestone. This is an example of the way our past governments loved to confine creeks and wetlands into concrete channels. Jonno pointed out how lucky it is all of the other creeks in Melbourne were not turned into canals, or directed into pipes.

At the beach we rode along the coast. It was beautiful as always and this time we were treated to blue seas under sunshine. What a great ride.  Coffee was at the Sandbar, where we enjoyed pleasant conversation and fine victuals.

After refreshments we rode a short distance through quiet streets to find Albert Park Lake. It was great riding 4.5km circuit around the blue and serene lake checking out the waterbirds as we went. It is cygnet season. They are really cute, and not at all ugly ducklings!

Some riders headed home via Swanston Street and Flinders Street, others rode along Swan Street, and a couple enjoyed the ride along the Tan under shady trees next to the Botanical Gardens.

Thanks to everybody for your company,


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