Sandringham to Jeff's Shed via the Bay

Friday 21 December 2018


On a perfect riding day,seven of us had a great time riding along the beach. We ambled along with a slight tail wind that made us feel like we were gliding along rather than riding. There were few other riders – nice! An advantage of beach rides is that the sea is ever changing, and this time we were treated to little choppy waves with interesting clouds above.

We wended our way along the coast through Hampton and Brighton to find our first photo point – the lookout at Pt Ormond. A couple of us had not been up the hill and were impressed by the city views, Oh, and the flatness of Melbourne. It was pointed out that this hill had been the quarantine station in Melbourne and that we were standing on a whole lot of dead bodies.

Then we headed off on the quest for coffee. In St Kilda we noticed that the sculptures Angelina Rabbitgirl and Dogman had disappeared and been replaced with Gillie and Marc's "The Wonderful Two", a large two-headed rhino. Photo opportunity!!

Oh no!! The Sandbar was closed for a function. So we found ourselves at La Noisette in Bay St, Port Melbourne not far from the beach. This lovely french cafe is a great choice for a small group of riders with wonderful french pastries and coffee. It was a short ride across to the bike path next to the light rail and to Jeff's Shed.

This ride is a variation of Bay Explorer.