Blackburn to Richmond via Gardiners Creek

Ride on 19th April 2019

Sixteen riders took part in Friday’s ride, on a glorious autumn day which was perfect for cycling. A newer member enquired how we manage to have such consistent good weather. Being mindful of recent radical vegan activism in the City I could only obliquely and in a hushed voice refer to long lost pagan rituals claimed to influence the weather.

After alighting at Blackburn the OYB e-Tech Crew swung into action to change a tube in Grand Prix F1 style.

We headed off and the first section of the Gardiners Creek path is possibly one of the best bike experiences in Melbourne. It feels like you're riding through a forest in the Shire or thereabouts; one could almost expect Tom Bombadil to come prancing along the path with a Hey dol! merry dol! ring a dong dillo!       ...

After crossing the Burwood Highway who did we find but my wife reclining on a verdant verge by the path with all the equipment for the OYB Pop Up Cafe de Wheels . The comestibles some people had brought were all upto the usual OYB standard and much appreciated, including home baking and homemade baba ganoush. It was most pleasant basking in the sunshine and chatting away.

We continued on without incident to the City with a few riders peeling off at various times towards the end. 

All up an enjoyable ride. See Gardiners Creek for details of the ride.