Brighton Beach to Carrum via Beach and Wetlands

Ride on 3 May 2019


We had wonderful weather on Friday, when 19 of us met at Brighton Beach and set off for a easy ride along the bay from Brighton Beach to Mordialloc.  We had the wind to our backs and I think it was our last 20 degree day for autumn.  We found that we had to share the bike path with quite a few high school students on their way to the station when we first set out but otherwise, it was very easy to follow the path along the bay.  We enjoyed beautiful views of the bay from the cliffs of the Red Bluff and then later the Bay Trail goes down right by the beach just before Mordialloc. We stopped at Ricketts Point to enjoy the information boards of the marine sanctuary but otherwise we kept going on this 16 km ride. It took about 1 1/2 hour - with a few toilet stops. 

We found a lovely cafe, Main St, in Mordialloc that could take all 19 of us.  After our break, we split into 3 different groups.  Some went back on the train, others went back the way we came and the rest went exploring.  We decided to go down the bike trail to Edithvale past the wetlands and then to Carrum. We all loved the different scenery that we experienced along here - passing horses, little farms, golf courses and the Patterson River.  We rode along the banks of the river, up to the Carrum station. 

We were very lucky with the weather.  This could be a very challenging ride if the weather was bad but the "gods" were with us this time and it is very important to know which way the wind is going.  If the wind came from the other direction, you'd want to travel in the opposite direction.  

Thanks to all of you that made the journey "down south",