Thomastown to Rushall via the Merri Creek

Ride on July 12 2019

On what promised to be a rainy ride, eight riders met at Thomastown for the ride.

As we headed off on the ride and down the Edgars Creek path, the sun came out and shone on the chickens foraging beside the creek. The relatively nice weather continued as we went along the Ring Road path and turned down the Merri Creek path. Just as we climbed (walked up?) a short and very steep rise, a wallaby crossed the path. How lovely to see that there is still wildlife up near Fawkner.

Riding on, the skies darkened. And then - the cold front went through and the heavens opened up!! We continued through the rain as it became lighter arriving in Coburg at Zataar as it stopped. Here our slightly damp riders enjoyed a warm break with coffee and victuals, and, the obligatory conversation and laughter.

Then it was a quick ride along Harding St to continue following the Merri Creek to Rushall Station. During this leg, the weather continued to improve and we finished the ride, as we started, with sunshine.

On a previous ride, we came up with the names "harriers" and "amblers" to describe two subsets of OYB. We have come up with another – the "toughies" to describe those of us who ride no matter what the elements throw at us.

Special thanks go to Paul for carrying the emergency kits, and to Tony for ably leading us along upper reaches of the Merri Creek.


PS FYI: the detour around the Merri Creek path in North Coburg is still in place.