Thomastown to Alphington via Darebin Creek

Ride on 2 August 2019

Twenty-one intrepid riders spilled from the train at Thomastown, eager to tackle the challenge of the Darebin Creek trail on a winter’s morning. We departed in two groups, the second led by Ross, as one of our riders was delayed at Caulfield by a train too crowded to take his bike. 

The ride unfolded in a leisurely fashion, everyone managing to reject the blandishments of well-marked side paths, any one of which would have led the unwary into the labyrinth of the outer northern suburbs. Trailside scenery, after recent rain, was picture postcard perfect: rich rolling grasslands, and sparkling eucalypts declaring their readiness for summer. Without mishap, both groups reached a very welcoming Northland food court and rendezvoused over coffee. From there a further half-hour’s pedalling brought us to Alphington station and the official end of the ride. People continued on their various ways by train or bike to points west and south.

Thanks to all who made this yet another most enjoyable OYB outing. Special thanks to Ross for leading the second group, to Peter for diligent sweeping, and to Jonno for crucial pointing on a couple of occasions.