Jeff's Shed to Sandringham via the Beach


Ride on 16th August 2019

We had eleven riders today. I was tricked into leading the ride by a certain person - nameless - which I was not keen to do as my sense of direction is not very sound but at least I knew the route to Sandringham. Though the weather was not looking good when I left home, when we got to Jeff's Shed there was bright sunshine. And it proved a glorious day for riding along the bay. The beach was very calm, very blue and all the riders enjoyed the beautiful weather. We took the usual bayside trail to Sandringham where we arrived at 11.30 and then lunch at the Sandy Pub was its usual deliciousness and always reasonably priced. By the end of the meal however, the heavens opened up on us so we stayed a little to see if it would pass but no, unfortunately! So we had to retreat to the station and take the train back home. We only got a few drops wet!
Thanks to you all for trusting my dodgy directions to lead. And hope Brett you enjoyed the group too.


Special note: Paul’s sense of direction was perfect!