Yarra Trail 2

Heidelberg to Dennis, Distance: 12km
Region: Northern Victoria
Written up by: U3A Yarra City OYB
Last ridden: 17 August 2018

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Parklands near the river at the end of Burgundy Street.

Parklands near the river at the end of Burgundy Street.


It’s hard to beat riding along the Yarra.  This ride takes you through the Yarra Flats Park and then down past the Yarra Billabong. If you are lucky you may see kangaroos grazing.

After riding along the Yarra, you emerge from woodland to be greeted by the Eastern Freeway. The trail follows the Freeway to the Chandler Highway bridge and then the Pipe Bridge in Fairfield Park.

After crossing the Pipe Bridge, you can stop for refreshment at the historic Fairfield Boathouse. If you are so inclined you could hire a boat and take a row up the Yarra. 

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Cafes and Toilets

There are public toilets in Heidelberg Station, beside the parking area for the Heidelberg Football Club ground, and also about 200 metres to the left of River Gum Walk, near the banks of the Yarra. There are no more toilets or cafes along this ride till you get to the Fairfield Boathouse and Fairfield Park.


There is some gravel path at the start of the ride after which it is all paved.  Mostly downhill with a few short sharp hills.

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Coffee at Fairfield Boathouse.

Coffee at Fairfield Boathouse.

Ride Details

Heidelberg Station to Main Yarra Trail, Heidelberg (1.3km)

  1. Start on the east side of Heidelberg Station in Mount Street. 
  2. Turn right from the station entrance and walk through the small park to the western end of Yarra Street.
  3. Ride down Yarra Street to Rosanna Road. Walk to Burgundy Street (the traffic light visible to your left.).
  4. Cross to the northern side of Burgundy Street and follow Burgundy Street downhill for another 450m. Make sure you stay on Burgundy Street as it bends left at the intersection with Jika Street. Burgundy Street becomes Beverley Road.
  5. Just past the entry to Heidelberg Football Club and before you reach Possum Hollow playground (on your right) turn right onto River Gum Walk (=the Main Yarra Trail).

    Main Yarra Trail, Heidelberg to Chandler Highway (8.3km)
  6. Follow the Main Yarra Trail as it becomes unsurfaced and bears left to follow Banksia Street across the entrance to The Greenery garden centre.
  7. As the track bends hard right to go under Banksia Street, you may prefer to walk your bike down the very steep entrance to the underpass.
  8. Follow the Main Yarra Trail for 3km until just after you go under Burke Road. 
  9. Turn left to cross the river at the bridge and then immediately turn right into Burke Road Billabong Reserve. Follow the trail along the northern side of the Eastern Freeway between the freeway and Kew Golf Club to get to Belford Road. Just before Belford Road is a steep but short hill. 
  10. Cross Belford Road then continue for 2km to get to Chandler Highway.

    Chandler Highway to The Pipe Bridge (1.2km)
  11. The path goes under the Chandler Highway and turns left up some stairs.
  12. Turn right onto a shared path next to the Yarra Boulevard. 
    • To avoid the stairs, exit left onto Chandler Highway before crossing over it at the traffic lights as shown on the map below in purple.
    • Before you cross the Chandler Highway bridge, turn left onto the path beside Yarra Boulevard.  
  13. Ride up the Yarra Boulevard to the spectacular lookout at the top of the hill. Here you will see a sealed path going downhill to your right.
  14. If you wish to avoid the climb up the hill follow Steps 17 to 22 of Anniversary Trail West to the Fairfield Boathouse.
  15. Follow the sealed path down to the Pipe Bridge.

    The Pipe Bridge to Dennis Station, Northcote (1.4km)
  16. Cross the Pipe Bridge and turn right, up the hill.
  17.  When you reach the bushy roundabout at the top of the hill, turn sharp right if you would like to take a break at the famous Fairfield Boathouse. If you wish to continue riding, ride around the north side of the football / cricket pitch in Fairfield Park (path not recognised on Google Maps) to Yarra Bend Road.
  18. Turn right onto Yarra Bend Road and ride to Heidelberg Road.
  19. Cross Heidelberg Road and walk a few metres to the left to reach Westfield Street. Follow Westfield Street north to Westgarth Street.
  20. Turn right into Westgarth Street, then take the first turn left into Bower Street. Ride north along Bower Street until it ends at a roundabout.
  21. Directly opposite you, at the far side of the roundabout, is a short pedestrian passage which leads  straight to Dennis station (on the Hurstbridge line).

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Alternative endings to the ride:

  • Finish at Alphington Station. At Step 12 go downhill from Belford Road for 200m to find the Darebin Creek Trail. Follow steps 14 to 17 of The Plenty River.
  • Finish at Clifton Hill Station. At Step 16, follow Steps 25 to 28 of Anniversary Trail West.

Extend the ride by either 

  • Starting at Diamond Creek or Eltham and doing Yarra Trail 1 before this ride. The rides meet in Heidelberg near Heidelberg Football ground.


  • Doing Yarra Trail 3 immediately after this ride. The rides meet at Yarra Bend Road.


  • Melway or Melway Online: Starts at map reference 18 G9.
  • Google: 
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